A radiant heating system can be an efficient and cost-effective way to heat your home. Despite all of its benefits, however, radiant heat is not right for everyone. Talk to a contractor who specializes in HVAC in St. Paul to find out if it is right for you. Then ask yourself these 4 questions.

Is Your Home New Construction or Remodel?

Whether you are building a new home and plan to install a radiant heat system, or you are putting the new system in an existing home makes a difference. Although not nearly as challenging to install in an existing home as forced air is, adding a radiant heating system does still involve extensive remodeling. If you are building a new house, you have some more flexibility about where you want to add the radiant heat system because you don’t have to alter the structure of your existing home.

Is the System for Your Primary Residence?

Radiant heat works as the coils below the floor heat up and then heat the floor’s surface. Therefore, it is not reasonable to turn up the thermostat and feel the results in a couple minutes. If you are installing it in your primary residence, radiant heat is a great option. If you are installing it in a vacation home where you spend weekends only, then it might not work as well for you. If you visit the home for a weekend getaway, turn on the heat first thing, and then wait, the flooring might not get warm until you have left.

What Type of Flooring Do You Have?

If you are planning to install the radiant heat system under your floors, which is most common, then you need to consider your current flooring. Because radiant heat works as it heats up the floor of your home, it will be more efficient under a floor that conducts heat better.

Where Do You Want to Install It?

If you are putting it in the floors, which is most common, then you have to tear up the floors. You can also add walls to install your radiant heat in, or put it in the ceiling, although these applications are not recommended. Radiant heat does best in the floor but if you are not keen on pulling up your current flooring, this may not be a good option.

Knowing for sure whether radiant heat is right for you depends on talking to a highly qualified contractor experienced in HVAC in St. Paul. They can help guide you in the right direction.