We love the winter at Apollo. We think that there are some wonderful activities to do in the winter in the Twin Cities. Here are five of our favorites:

1. Join in on the Winter Carnival Celebration in Saint Paul! Every year Saint Paul hosts the Winter Carnival. During this celebration you can try and hunt for the medallion, gaze at the ice sculptures, and even meet King Boreas. This carnival celebrates how much us Minnesotans love winter.

2. Put on your ice skates! We call Minnesota the state of hockey for a reason. It’s about time you laced up your skates and get on the ice. Many cities have free open ice during the winter and many places will even rent out skates. If you are looking to buy a pair try Play it Again Sports.

3. Try Ice Fishing! It sounds cold but if you do it right, you will be sitting in the laps of luxury on ice. Since we can’t get enough fishing during the summer, we cut holes in the ice to get our fishing fix during the winter. You can rent fish houses on some lakes or go with a friend. We suggest finding a friend that owns one with a heater and cable television.

4. Get out of town! There are so many beautiful places in Minnesota to go to in the winter. Try the North Shore near Lake Superior or Stillwater. Take some time to enjoy the place that you are in by trying new restaurants or outdoor activities like snowshoeing or cross country skiing.

5. See some Art! Head to the Minneapolis Institute of Art where admission is always free. It is a great place to explore on a very cold day. Otherwise, try the Como Zoo and Conservatory; the conservatory is always a great place to keep warm. Plus, you can look at the beautiful flowers.

We know the winter can be long but there are so many fun things to do! We hope you get out there and try one or all of the items on this list.