Advanced engineering and architectural design techniques have helped to dramatically improve the energy efficiency characteristics of modern homes and offices. Today’s buildings must meet exacting standards that maximize power conservation and minimize the environmental impact of fossil fuels. While these efforts have helped achieve a significant reduction in per capita energy consumption, tight buildings trap harmful pollutants inside the living area, which can seriously degrade the building’s indoor air quality (IAQ) metrics.

The link between breathing tainted indoor air and a variety of health-related illnesses is well established. Continued exposure to contaminated air over an extended period can aggravate allergies, asthma and other respiratory conditions. In fact, the EPA has found that the air inside the average home is 2-5 times more polluted than the air outdoors.

The Many Sources of Indoor Pollution

In the course of an average day, a family will generate a substantial volume of airborne pollutants including dust, dirt, smoke and dander. Other contaminates like pollen and organic debris are brought in from outdoors. In homes without an adequate fresh air ventilation pathway, this particulate matter remains inside where it is continually recycled through the central HVAC system. Perhaps worse, mold and fungi grow near the evaporator coil where moisture and nutrients are plentiful.

Even older homes can be affected by poor indoor air quality. When the building perimeter is porous and the ductwork leaks, the HVAC system is pulled into a negative pressure. The action of the blower fans draws fiberglass and other pollutants directly into the air distribution network where it is deposited into the living area.

Aprilaire Air Purifiers

Filtration is the cornerstone of any successful IAQ strategy. Aprilaire central air purifiers are designed to remove a wide array of indoor contaminants including pet dander, pollen, mold spores, dust mites, bacteria and certain biological organisms. The technology includes a specially designed media filter coupled with advanced electronic technology. Air cleaners can be integrated with your HVAC equipment to clean the air every time it passes through your system. Aprilaire filters trap harmful pollutants and deliver clean air into every room in your home or office.

The most significant feature that separates Aprilaire from other filter manufacturers is the inclusion of controls in their filtration systems. Aprilaire calls this feature “event based air cleaning.” Essentially, a device resembling a touch screen thermostat is mounted on an interior wall and wired to the HVAC equipment relays. The user can access a variety of menu driven features including temperature control, air cleaning schedules and custom programs for specific IAQ issues.

Unlike standard 1-inch disposable filters that must be replaced monthly, Aprilaire cabinet filters remain effective for an entire year. In order to ensure that your HVAC system has sufficient static pressure to accommodate the added friction loss, Aprilaire central air purifiers should always be installed by a certified heating and cooling technician.

Aprilaire Models

Aprilaire offers three separate series designed to meet a variety of performance and budget expectations.

* 1000 Series: The 1000 series air purifiers are rated at MERV 11, and they will capture 85 percent of dust particles between 1-3 microns. The 1000 series represents Aprilaire’s lowest cost filtration solution, and it is best suited for dust control and HVAC equipment protection.

* 2000 Series: The 2000 series is Aprilaire’s mid-tier product line. The series features MERV 13 performance with a 90 percent dust capture efficiency. The 2000 series is designed for those with moderate allergies.

* 5000 Series: The 5000 series is Aprilaire’s premier air purifying product. It was developed for those with severe allergies and chronic respiratory illness. The system is 99 percent effective against mold and pollen, and it can eliminate biological organisms as small as .01 microns.

Cleaner Air and Much More

Cleaner air will help keep your family healthy, but it can also reduce utility costs and extend the life of your HVAC equipment. Over time, dirt, grime and other contaminants build up on critical components in poorly maintained systems. This forces the unit to work harder and longer to satisfy the indoor load. Longer cycles raise operating costs and increase the stress and wear on motors and other moving parts. An Aprilaire air purifier will help improve the performance and efficiency of your HVAC system.


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