The cold winter months often mean covering up in a pile of blankets, sipping hot chocolate by the fire, and dreaming of candy cane filled memories. Your head is spinning with carols and shopping lists, not home maintenance. The last thing on a person’s mind during these exciting months is the appliances that keep their home running. While not the most glamorous or holiday filled topic, we at Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning know the importance of thinking about these things and getting them tended to before something happens where you are left without them.

You probably think that tending to your furnace does not matter. It’ll work when you need it to, right? We sure hope that it does for your sake, but that just simply is not always the case. Have you ever experienced a Minnesota winter without heat? Those days can be brutal, and the nights even worse. Minnesota winters can leave you with never enough electric blankets and a strong yearning to move down to the equator so that you never have to experience seeing your breath in the winter wind ever again. We don’t want you having to do that, which is why we offer standard maintenance and furnace repair in Minneapolis. Because, let’s face it, while the winters can be rough, it is a small price to pay for the beauty of the snow piled up outside of your front door.

So instead of packing your bags and ditching your winter coat in favor of the hot sun year round, make it a point right as the seasons are beginning to change and the leaves are starting to morph colors to give us a call and have an annual inspection done. An annual inspection of both your heating and air conditioning units can give you the sort of peace of mind that is only second to the calmness and beauty of a Minnesota Christmas morning.

Portrait of a happy handyman showing thumbs up

Our highly trained technicians specialize in getting your furnace and air conditioning units in tip top shape for the seasons ahead. We will do a thorough examination of all parts of the machinery, test different aspects and levels to make sure they are running efficiently and effectively, and troubleshoot a way to make your experience with the products the absolute best that it can be.

If one of our highly skilled technicians does encounter an issue that needs to be addressed, we will do our best and service the appliance in a timely manner that is the most cost effective to you and your appliance.

Preventative care is a big reason that an annual inspection of your furnace and air conditioning is so important. Our inspections and the adjustments that we do when making them allow for your product to run more effectively and for a longer time. Like the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The little things that we do annually to ensure that you are having a great experience are what help to make your appliances run their absolute best for many years to come.

So before you become stuck in a cold Minnesota winter shivering in blankets by your fireplace with no heat, be sure to have an annual inspection of your furnace and air conditioning. We offer many wonderful services including furnace repair in Minneapolis that will leave you with the best appliances possible and with peace of mind for the year ahead.