Stay Inside!
There are a lot of fun activities to do indoors when it is cold out. Try finishing a puzzle, playing a board game, or create an indoor fort.

Head to an indoor waterpark where it is always warm!
We have many options to choose from in Minnesota like the Waterpark of America to Shoreview Community Center. There is nothing quite like enjoying splashing around in the water when it’s -21 degrees outside. You might even feel like you are on vacation on a beach somewhere.

Visit a coffee shop that you have never been to before and get a warm drink!
We have great coffee shops here like Peace Coffee, Rustica, and Dunn Brothers. A change of scenery can be really nice and paired with a warm drink it can really brighten your mood on a cold winter day.

Look at the beautiful flowers at the Como Conservatory!
This is a wonderful place to visit! They are open every single day of the year and provide a free place for people to come and learn something new. The conservatory is kept warm to keep the plants healthy; you will feel the warmth on a cold winter day. Don’t forget to check out the bonsai room!

Cook a meal!
Stay warm by cooking something comforting like beef stew or chicken noodle soup. You might have to venture out in the cold to pick up the ingredients but it will be worth it when you finish. Try a recipe that you haven’t made before to try and learn something new.

Visit your local library and pick up a great book about travel or an awesome travel guide!
When it gets unbearably cold outside, all Minnesotans think about taking a vacation. Get started by making a trip to your local library. They will have all the resources to inspire you and even plan a vacation. The possibilities are endless!

Visit your local brewery and try some new beers!
This idea is for an adult snow day! We have fantastic local breweries in Minnesota and many of them have great taprooms that you can visit. Try out a new brew!

Winter can be a lot of fun in Minnesota if you just try something new and out of your routine! We are big fans of embracing winter here at Apollo. We understand that winter can be a stressful time if your furnace is not working properly. Get it looked at by a professional by calling Apollo at 651-770-0603.