If you look for ways to trim back your carbon foot print by making more environmentally friendly choices, you’ll find this article helpful. When it comes to heating a pool, choosing the right heat pump is vital for conserving energy. The right type heat pumps make all of the difference. Sizing, type of fuel they require and temperature controls are all factors to evaluate.

In most cases, working with a pool specialist is the best source of information for making product choices for heating a pool. These must be selected based upon the area of the pool, the average outdoor air temperature, wind chill factors and the amount of temperature increase you want to produce among other things. Your provider can show you different certified brands that use environmentally-friendly products.

Start the design process by defining your budget. The good news here is that modern technology has come a long way to trimming the costs of heating a pool. In fact, many home owners who are weary of high energy bills associated with heating a pool are breathing a sigh of relief when they learn how efficient modern heat pumps are. Often the cost of a new heat pump is recovered in only a few months of use because of the tremendous savings in energy costs.

Other Environmentally Friendly Backyard IdeasĀ 
Some people have built decorative rock climbing walls for their children. These do not take up much space and can be very safe to use. They can be built so that they fit up against a privacy fence and leave plenty of room for other activities. With the right height and a durable design, these can also be entertaining for teens and adults.

Backyard landscaping is a big factor in water consumption. The way in which your yard is landscaped will determine how much of an impact water-based activities have on the environment. For instance, in a hot climate like we experience in Australia, planting native plant species is usually easier on water consumption. Planning the layout is important too. Place the plants in areas where you can run drip irrigation and use timers to control the watering period

With the right landscaping designs and a willingness to experiment with a few eco-friendly ideas, you can create a veritable wonderland outdoors. Chances are that your family spends a majority of their backyard time in the pool. Investing in an eco-friendly pool heat pump will lower the costs of heating a pool and lighten your carbon footprint.

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