Engineer Servicing Central Heating Boiler

At Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning in St. Paul, MN, we know just how important it is to save money on your energy bill. A new boiler can help you do just that, and over the course of a couple of years, your realized savings could be greater than the cost of replacing your old boiler.

Fewer Repairs

When an automobile gets old, it starts requiring more repairs. Soon the cost of the repairs, the time lost while the vehicle is in the shop, and the inconvenience of having no vehicle costs more than buying a new, more reliable car. It is no different with an old boiler. Replacing it with a new boiler will ensure that you have fewer unscheduled maintenance calls to make and less hassle in dealing with your HVAC in St. Paul.

Greater Efficiency

If convenience and reliability were the only measures of saving money when it comes to getting a new boiler, you would already have sufficient enough reason to get rid of your old one. However, new boilers also have a greater efficiency rating than old boilers. They may also be installed with better insulation. This will help you save money on your energy bill.

When it comes to HVAC in St. Paul, it can be one of your greatest energy wasters, and that costs you money. By getting a new boiler and having it installed correctly, you will be taking steps that will help your budget be healthier. Combine that with committing to other energy savings steps, including a more efficient heating and cooling system for your building, and the savings that you’ll realize over the course of a short period of time could be surprising. What you do with the extra money will be entirely up to you, but it will feel good having lower monthly bills to pay.