If you want the best heating and air conditioning in Minneapolis, you need to make sure that the heat is getting where it needs to be. As you do this, you can help decrease your utility bills and make sure that your home is kept at a temperature that is comfortable for you. You can use the following 12 tips to help direct the heat where it needs to be:

      1. Close doors to rooms that you’re not using. For rooms that you are using, make sure to leave the door open, even a small crack, to make sure that the heat can move through your home unimpeded.

      2. Close vents in rooms that you’re not using. Allow the heat to get to rooms that you are using by making sure that the vents are open in those rooms.
      3. Move your furniture. Make sure that nothing is covering your vents, and place your furniture in a way that will help block the cold from your windows and exterior walls.
      4. Reverse your ceiling fans. Instead of pushing cold air down, it can help draw the cold air up. In the process, it will help push the heat back down to you.
      5. Close your chimney damper. Make sure that you’re not losing heat through your chimney when it’s not in use.
      6. Add extra insulation in your attic, crawlspace, and other areas of your home. The insulation will help keep the heat where it needs to be.
      7. Seal any gaps around your doors, windows, utility cables, and foundation. Make sure that the heat can’t escape through these gaps.
      8. Avoid using your exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen.
      9. Place rugs around your home to help insulate your floors.
      10. Add weatherstripping around your doors, or update the ones that you currently have. You should also replace the weatherstripping on your garage door on a regular basis, too.
      11. Hang curtains over the windows. You can also hang curtains around your bed to help keep your bedroom warm at night.
      12. When you are using a smaller space in your home, you can rely on space heaters to keep the heat where it needs to be.

To get theĀ best heating and air conditioning in Minneapolis , you can direct the heat where you want it to go. Use the tips to help do this. To get even heat throughout your home, you should also stay on top of the maintenance for your HVAC system. Contact Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning to service your system and make sure that everything is working properly for you.