air conditionerAlthough Minnesota may be known more for its harsh winters rather than scorching summers, it definitely gets hot enough to be very uncomfortable when the AC unit breaks down. That’s why it’s important to know when it’s time to replace your air conditioning in St. Paul, MN. These factors can help you decide when the time for replacement has come.

AC Age

AC units can typically last anywhere from 12-20 years, depending on the maintenance they’ve received and frequency of use. However, once your AC is getting close to 10 years in age, you’re likely to find that repairs are needed more often and the cost is beginning to add up. You may find it difficult to spend a few thousand dollars to completely replace a unit that can be repaired with a few hundred dollars, but when you consider the likelihood that this is just one in a long line of repairs, the cost is much easier to justify.


If you notice that your home isn’t staying as cool as you like but your utility bills are getting higher, that’s a good sign that your AC unit is on its last legs and you’re better off replacing it. Not only are older models less efficient simply because of different technology, but as units age, they actually become less energy efficient. A newer, more energy efficient model will keep your home at the preferred temperature while actually lowering your utility bills throughout the year, possibly by 20%, according to Energy Star. (

Dust and Humidity Problems

The purpose of an AC system is to remove humidity from the air in order to cool it down. If you notice the air inside your home is humid during the summer, it’s likely that your system isn’t working properly and needs either extensive repairs or replacement. In addition, poor air quality can indicate a problem, especially if you already change filters regularly. A newer model can greatly reduce the chances of mold or mildew problems in your home.