There are some things that are obviously important to the well-being of a home: roofing, plumbing, and the exterior. There is, however, another element of a home that needs to be well taken care of: your HVAC system. This system is so often neglected that most people don’t even know what it is! Did you know that an HVAC system is composed of air conditioning and heating? That’s right! The system we rely on for year-round comfort is called HVAC and there are a lot of things we can do to make sure it is running smoothly and creating the most comfortable environment possible, no matter what season it is. After years of experience, we have compiled some tips for maintaining and enhancing HVAC in St. Paul.

Insist on Proper Installation

The most important thing to do in order to ensure the longevity of an HVAC system is to make sure it is installed properly. We’re constantly amazed at how often an improperly installed air conditioner or furnace results in damage to the equipment or decreases its efficiency. Even though there are lots of DIY YouTube videos out there, installing a system is a big deal that requires a lot of experience and skill. Not only does someone need special tools, they also need the training required for a safe and effective installation.

Insist on Proper Maintenance

After making sure an air conditioner and furnace are properly installed, it is important to make sure they are also properly maintained. In most cases, the company that does the installation also offers a maintenance program. While each package is different, we know most companies will come out and do a routine check once or twice a year. Even though once a year is acceptable, twice a year is preferable. For a furnace, we think maintenance checks should be performed in the fall and then again in the spring. This ensures that the furnace is ready to go when it is needed and that it didn’t succumb to wear and tear during its heavy use in the winter. The same rules apply to air conditioners!

Change Air Filters

We also tell our customers that one of the things they can do to keep their HVACs running well is to change the filter at appropriate intervals. The frequency with which air filters should be changed will be dependent on where someone lives and what kind of equipment they have. In order to find out how often to change the filter, be sure to read the owner’s manual or consult with the technician who installs or services the system. Changing the air filter accomplishes 2 important things: It keeps air in the home clean and it ensures that the furnace or air conditioner runs as efficiently as possible. Changing the filter helps efficiency because it ensures that the fan can pull in air easily. A clogged filter prevents the fan from drawing in air and thus wastes a lot of energy that would otherwise be used to control the temperature.

Enhance the System

After customers have taken care of these very important steps, we always like to tell them about the bells and whistles that can make their home truly comfortable. A few of these gadgets include humidifiers, specialized air filters, and advanced setting thermostats. By adding these bells and whistles, they can control the how much humidity is in their homes and when and where the temperature will go up or down.