New Construction / Remodels

Installation for New Construction and remodel HVAC Projects

Even with the highest quality HVAC system, your equipment will still run poorly if installed poorly.  At Apollo we strive for excellence.  We install your equipment so it will not only perform at its peak but also last longer.

The builders that use us for their New Construction offer their customers the best products for the money.  They know that the house should not only look great but also be as great to live in it.  The comfort level is a top priority.  Apollo offers a wide array of indoor air quality systems and services that will help your customers feel as great as their new home looks.

Apollo Heating & Air Conditioning has the solution for any new construction or remodel project. We can provide you with a detailed layout of the entire system before any work begins and show you how it works.  A heat loss calculation is done for every home to assure the proper size equipment and ductwork is being installed to achieve top performance at peak efficiency.

Our past projects range from a small cabin to multi-million dollar homes. No project is too big or too small.  From forced air systems to radiant floor heating systems to geothermal systems we at Apollo heating have the experience to do it all.  We take the time to make it right to assure you are comfortable the project is complete. We believe it is the little things that count.