If you are tired of sweating through the warm season because your home does not have AC, there is a solution that will not require expensive and invasive duct installation: a ductless cooling system. A ductless cooling system can be the answer you are looking for when it comes to cooling your home. Take a look at these commonly asked questions about ductless AC systems to learn more.

What Is a Ductless AC Unit?

Ductless AC units are typically referred to as mini-split systems. A mini-split has three main components — the indoor unit, refrigerant line, and the outdoor unit. The refrigerant line connects to the two units together.

A major benefit of a mini-split is that it can be installed in any room. The units also can provide heat or cool air as desired, since the indoor unit is also a heat exchanger.

How Are These Systems Installed?

Installation requires minimal work on your home. The outdoor unit is smaller than that of a central system, so it takes up minimal space near your home. The indoor is installed near the ceiling in the room to be cooled. Some units can be recessed or not, depending on your preferences. The refrigerant line is fed through the ceiling or out through the exterior wall to connect with the outdoor unit.

Most outdoor units can support at least two indoor units, as long as the rooms share a wall so the refrigerant lines can be connected easily.

Are Mini-Split Systems Efficient?

Compared to a traditional central AC unit, a mini-split system uses 60 percent less energy than a traditional heating unit, and 30 percent less energy than a window or room AC unit. Reduced energy usage is not just good for your wallet; it is also beneficial for the environment.

Further, you can control your usage better with a mini-split system since this system cools or heats in zones.

What Is a Zone?

Unlike a central system that heats or cools the entire home to a predetermined temperature, a mini-split system is set up into zones. Each indoor unit is considered a zone, which effectively means you have full temperature control over every room in your home.

A mini-split system uses a remote control in each room as opposed to the traditional wall thermostat. It is possible to turn the system off entirely in rooms you are not currently using and to only heat or cool those rooms where you spend more time. Some systems even allow you to set timers. For example, you can set the system to heat or cool your bedroom beginning 30 minutes before you plan to go to sleep.

Is Noise an Issue?

These systems are no more noisy than a traditional central AC unit and oftentimes can be considered less noisy. Many central units make noticeable popping noises when they power on. There may also be fans and belts that occasionally whine and make noise.

With a mini-split system, the only noise you are likely to hear is the sound of air moving through the vents. Although this means the unit is not completely silent, it does mean it is much quieter than most other cooling systems.

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