infrared floor heating system under laminate floor

What if there was a maintenance-free heating system available that made no noise and didn’t involve unsightly equipment or units throughout your home? We have good news for you. All of those things describe radiant heat. There are a lot of reasons to install radiant heat in your home. Here are our top 10 reasons to hire heating and cooling services in Minneapolis to install radiant heat throughout or in just a single section of your home today.

1.      Breathe Easier

Radiant heat doesn’t have the same problems with dry air that forced air systems have. You will have less dust and other allergens floating through your air that would otherwise have been forced out through your forced air.

2.      Sleep Better

There is no ductwork in radiant heat systems, so you can turn on the heat and you won’t hear the furnace whirring or hear air blowing through your duct work. You will sleep better in the quiet and have more peace and quiet during the day too.

3.      See Nothing

With radiant heat, your heating system is invisible. Save your mechanical closet where you were keeping your furnace for something else, and don’t worry anymore about your kids throwing small toys and change down your heating vents. There simply won’t be any.

4.      Renovate Your Home

If you want to renovate your home but are nervous about incorporating your existing forced air system into the alterations you are making, radiant heat can help. It is easy to incorporate new radiant heating systems into an existing home since it is installed in the floor and doesn’t require any cutting into the walls or rerouting ducts.

5.      Feel Warmer

Much of your body heat escapes through your feet. Because radiant heat is underneath your floor, your feet will feel toasty and warm the second you step down.

6.      Save Energy

With radiant heat, each room or area is zoned separately with its own thermostat. You only use the heat that you need. With forced air systems, the power used to turn on your unit is distributed. With radiant heat, all of the power is delivered to the heating element.

7.      Supplement Heat

Radiant heat does not have to be installed throughout the home. The fact that it is installed under the floor means that it is easy to install it in places where you need extra warmth.

8.      Install It Quickly

Imagine trying to install a new forced air heating system in your home. You would have to cut into walls, ceilings, install ductwork, and figure out where to put all of the pipes and equipment involved. With radiant heat, pull up your tile and the floorboards and you’re set. This makes for an extremely efficient installation process.

9.      Forget about Maintenance

One of the clear benefits of radiant heat is that it requires little to no maintenance. You should still have an HVAC contractor come and make sure everything is running properly once a year.

10. Keep It Down

Research suggests that radiant heat is more efficient than forced air heat. You can turn down the thermostat to a colder temperature with radiant heat and still feel as warm as you would at a higher temperature with forced air heat.

If you are looking for heating and cooling services in Minneapolis that can save you money while keeping you comfy all day and all year long, radiant heat might be the answer. Keep in mind these 10 benefits of radiant heat when you are considering your options.