Since 1938, Aprilaire has been at the forefront of developing and manufacturing leading edge indoor air quality products. Originally a division of Research Products, Aprilaire continues to help quantify the adverse health effects of indoor pollution.

The problem of substandard indoor air quality (IAQ) has continued to worsen as homes become tighter and more energy efficient. In fact, a study released in 2007 found that 96 percent of tested homes had one or more IAQ issues. It is no wonder that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers indoor air quality one of the top five most pressing environmental hazards.

Aprilaire offers variety of different products designed to mitigate existing IAQ problems and prevent new ones from developing.

Air Cleaners

Aprilaire air purifiers help eliminate a wide array of indoor pollutants including debris, dust, dander, pollen, fungi, mold spores, mites and other undesirable organisms. Air cleaners installed by professional HVAC contractors are integrated directly into the building’s existing central HVAC system.

When the equipment is engaged, air is pulled through a specially developed filter media that captures microscopic airborne irritants. The purified air is then blown back into the building by the action of the fan. Filter media must be changed on an annual basis as part of your regularly scheduled cooling and heating maintenance program.

Aprilaire manufactures four different air cleaner models with varying degrees of efficiency. The top of the line 5000 series is effective at capturing a variety of contaminants including:

* 99 percent of pollen and mold
* 98 percent of fungi and bacteria
* 98 percent of pet dander and dust mites
* 98 percent of smog and smoke particles
* 80 percent of ultra-fine particles including viruses


The first whole house humidifier was produced by Aprilaire in 1954. It featured a flow-through design that incorporated evaporative technology. A complete line of humidifier solutions includes steam and atomized mist models. Maintaining a proper level of humidity will help eliminate airborne contaminants, which tend to sink to the floor when moist. Excessively dry air can also cause wood furniture to crack and aggravate dry skin conditions.

Apirlaire humidifiers can be adjusted by a convenient automatic digital control. Proper humidity levels will improve comfort and can also save on heating and cooling operating costs.


Homes with significant temperature differences across the various rooms can benefit from the Aprilaire Zoned Comfort Control system. Zoning helps achieve a uniform temperature throughout the home by employing a series of dampers and thermostats coordinated by a central control panel integrated directly into the HVAC system. When the zoning control is active, conditioned air is introduced into the various rooms only when the thermostat calls for it. Each occupant can tailor the temperature to meet their personal preference.


Today’s homes and offices are constructed to exacting standards that conserve energy by minimizing air leakage. Regrettably, an unintended consequence of improved efficiency has been the virtual elimination of air exchange between the building and the outdoor environment. As a result, pollutants become trapped inside and start to accumulate.

Aprilaire ventilators contain a powered fan that continuously pulls in a specific amount of outdoor fresh air while simultaneously exhausting stale indoor air. The units are calibrated to ASHRAE standard 62.2, which ensures that your home will stay clean and fresh smelling. Aprilaire even offers a model that recaptures a portion of the energy lost in the exchange process.


Aprilaire dehumidifiers provide relief from the uncomfortable effects of high summer humidity. A dehumidifier can help correct some of the problems associated with oversized central air conditioning equipment. Aprilaire dehumidifiers can achieve moisture removal capacities up to 150 pints per day.


The key to energy efficiency is precise temperature control, and Aprilaire offers a full line of digital non-programmable and programmable thermostats. Each model is mercury free, and the digital displays are large and easy to read. Different models are available for single-stage and multi-stage HVAC systems, and Aprilaire thermostats can be matched with every major brand of equipment.

A programmable thermostat can save up to 20 percent on cooling and heating operating costs when used correctly. Aprilaire’s user-friendly design allows for effortless program scheduling. A communicating model is available that can control the temperature as well as compatible video, audio, light and security systems.

Aprilaire is the IAQ Expert

Aprilaire continues to be the industry leader in maintaining the health, safety and quality of your indoor environment. Their extensive product line provides a complete solution for every IAQ challenge.