The newest, freshest innovation in controlling a home’s temperature has arrived in the iComfort WiFi Thermostat. Lennox has released a new kind of thermostat that guarantees a simple, smart and comfortable way to cool and heat the home. People who are afraid of technology and not ready to get with the times are not recommended to use this thermostat.

The iComfort Wifi Thermostat is a wireless enabled touchscreen device. The thermostat can be controlled from absolutely anywhere in the world. Its ability to connect to Cloud allows the ability to check and control the thermostat through any web-enabled device. A smartphone, laptop, tablet can all be used to adjust temperature from anywhere. Control the thermostat from either the iComfort app or the iComfort website.

The thermostat’s ability to connect the internet allows it to receive live weather forecast for five days. This is useful to homeowners that may be away and what to return to a comfortable temperature in their home. The thermostat also receives automatic software updates, so the software is always current. The iComfort thermostat truly offers a convenience far beyond what is available in the standard thermostat.

Lennox also states that when the thermostat is used properly, a homeowner can save up to 56% on utilities. This can amount up to hundreds saved in a year’s time. Significant cost is cut due the energy saved with proper monitoring of is usage.

To make the iComfort WiFi Thermostat even more home friendly, it has the ability to be personalized. The personalizations for the thermostat are called GelaSkins. There are several different personalizing options to use on the thermostat which may include photos, colorblends and artwork. The outline of the thermostat is personalized to match what will be used on the screen and will appear as a picture hanging on the wall.

The iComfort WiFi Thermmostat is sold anywhere there are authorized Lennox dealers. To be sure this type of technology is compatible with the home, Lennox will have technicians that do a consultation on the setup. It is also strongly recommended to have the technician do the installation.