Home care comes in different forms from major refurbishment down to ongoing maintenance. Decisions about new furnishings could be interesting and exciting, but it is often the more mundane aspects of home care, such as servicing appliances, that are vitally important for the smooth running of any household. Let’s face it, spending thousands on deco will not help your on those cold winter nights.

The most critical appliance in most homes is the gas boiler. Not only is it essential for heating and hot water in the home, but it is also an appliance that can become extremely dangerous if it is not serviced annually. All too often there are news reports of people dying or becoming seriously ill due to carbon monoxide poisoning from a badly maintained gas boiler. If a boiler is not burning the gas it runs on can produce this toxic waste which is impossible to see or smell. Few warning signs that carbon monoxide is present, such as unexplained headaches or drowsiness, but these symptoms are often overlooked until it is too late. As well as regular servicing to avoid this problem, many homes fit an inexpensive carbon monoxide alarm that detects low quantities of the atmosphere before it reaches harmful levels.

Apart from the dangers of carbon monoxide, a badly maintained boiler is also very inefficient in its running, causing increased fuel bills and a strong likelihood of an inconvenient breakdown. Regular servicing through a qualified engineer will reduce majority of potential problems by thorough checking and cleaning of all the components. As well as the visual checks for obvious fatigue or damage is present, by annually cleaning out all the injectors and flues prevents any buildup of dust, rust or dirt which can affect the smooth operation of the boiler. Annually servicing the boiler should extend the lifetime of its components.

Like many appliances, there are often tell-tale signs that a boiler might need attention. These include the boiler flame burning yellow; any new stains around the boiler; the temperature or flow rate of hot water being too low; losing pressure or regularly having to relight the pilot light and, of course, any unusual noises such as the fan being loud.

Arranging an annual service for your boiler which is done through most local certified plumbing companies, many of whom will schedule in the appointment each year and send you a reminder that the service is due. There are also a number of insurance schemes that include an annual inspection as well as covering you should a boiler breakdown. These types of schemes can give enormous peace of mind should anything happen, but don`t forget to check your house insurance policy before you invest in such a scheme as some house holders are already covered for boiler breakdown through your home policy.

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