Have you ever walked across cold floors in the middle of the night? Have you ever had a nice, hot shower and then stepped out onto cold tile? Then you know exactly how it feels to not have radiant floor heating. The experts at Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning know that feeling too and have a solution for your barefoot problem.

What is Radiant Floor Heating?

The heat you feel rising from the burner on your stove is radiant heat. Radiant floor heating is a heat supply system that runs under your flooring. Depending on the type of system, tubes or cables are placed under your flooring through which heat is conducted. It is controlled with a wall thermostat like a traditional HVAC system. It can be installed in just about any room of the house and under most flooring types.

What Are the Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating?

There are several benefits to having radiant floor heating installed in your home. The first benefit is the money you can save on your energy bill. Unlike forced air heating systems, radiant heating supplies a nearly constant level of heat emanating directly from the source. Since heat travels up, an entire room is heated from floor to ceiling evenly. Force air doesn’t distribute heat as evenly as radiant heating and, therefore, requires more energy to achieve the same effect.

Radiant heating is also a plus for allergy sufferers. Forced air systems circulate dust and other allergens throughout the house. Even the best filters can’t trap all the allergens currently flying through your home. Because radiant heat comes from under the floor, there is no circulation of air through dusty ductwork.

How is It installed?

Installation is easy, especially when performed by a certified specialist. With flooring already removed, the heating elements are laid across the subfloor. The tubing is spaced carefully in patterns around cabinetry and bathroom fixtures. Once secure, flooring can be placed on top of the tubing. Ceramic tile is the best conduit of heat but most kinds of flooring work just as well with this type of system.

For more information on radiant floor heating or HVAC in Minneapolis, don’t hesitate to consult your local experts at Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning. Go barefoot again!