When it’s cold outside, the temptation is to crank up the thermostat and let the energy bill rise with the temperature of the home. This is especially true when coming in from the outside into a cold home. However, cranking the thermostat can result in bills that cause the family financial distress, and no one wants that. At Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning in Minneapolis, MN, we know that controlling your energy bill is important, and you can start with the way you choose the temperature of your home.

Most Cost-Effective Temperature

While the obvious answer to this question is that matching your home’s interior temperature is the most cost-effective temperature, it ignores a couple of facts. People have a hard time surviving a winter in Minnesota without heating, and no one actually wants to be cold in his or her own home. That means using your HVAC and choosing a temperature that works for you and your family.

Temperature Range

Generally speaking, 68 degrees is a temperature everyone can live with. It isn’t comfortable for everyone, and some members of the family may need to wear more clothes. However, keeping the home at a constant temperature is more cost effective than having people turn the thermostat up and down. Getting everyone to agree on a temperature will ensure that people resist the urge to turn up the heat. A lower temperature than that would also use less energy.

Another Reduction

If your entire family is gone for an extended period of time, you can further reduce your energy usage by getting a timer installed on your thermostat. This will keep the home colder during the day, and can be set to heat it up in the evening before anyone gets home. When it comes to HVAC in Minneapolis, a well-regulated temperature setting can help you save money. Knowing how and when to heat the home will keep you and your family warm without burning through your money.