The air we breathe is, quite simply, the most important element of our lives. Not only does this air fill our lungs and provide for our complex living functions, but it helps sustain the quality of living that we have grown accustomed to. The quality of the air we breathe helps determine the quality of life we lead. For example, if we live in a place where the air quality is less than ideal, then our health suffers. Our heath affects every aspect of our lives, from our family to our level of alertness at work. 

One may think that air quality just pertains to the outdoors. Many people think that pollution just affects the air outside of our homes. The fact is, however, the air inside of our homes can be just as dangerous, if not more so, than the air outside. In our homes, air is not given as much freedom to circulate as it does in the great outdoors. Often, families are breathing in air that is simply recycled through their heating and air conditioning units. This air can harbor bacteria with the potential to make families sick, tired, or even suffer from allergies.

The good news is, if paid attention to, the air quality inside of our homes can be monitored and improved. One simple way to improve the air quality in our homes is to have our furnace and air conditioner checked regularly. Companies like us at Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning provide heating and cooling services in Minneapolis that keep units up to date and running smoothly. An important part of this process is the changing of air filters on a regular basis.

Air filters are the fences that keep allergens and bacteria out of the air we breathe at home. If neglected to be replaced for new ones on a regular basis, allergens and bacteria will begin to grow and spread throughout our homes, affecting the entire family. However, if replaced on a regular basis, like during the suggested annual furnace and air conditioner inspection, air filters can be a life saver, keeping the air we breathe and us healthy.

Just like it is important to filter the air we let into our house, it is also important to let fresh air in. One of the best ways to improve indoor air quality is to open a few windows and let the breeze flow. This fresh air allows for circulation and the removal of toxins that could be lingering, and also helps to improve the overall breathability and scent of our indoor area.

While we may not think of indoor air quality as something to pay attention to, it is important to remember that our air quality affects our way of life. Simple steps to improve that quality are to call up local heating and cooling services in Minneapolis for an inspection and air filter replacement, and to open up the windows of our homes to let the fresh breeze in. Start paying attention to indoor air quality today, and live a better tomorrow!