Garage MessYour garage is one of the transitional spaces of your home. It is not quite indoors, not quite outdoors. It has walls and a ceiling, but it does not have a soft, finished floor. It protects your vehicles from the elements, but it is not temperature-controlled.

Or is it? We hope so! It is actually incredibly important for your home that you have a garage heater and air conditioner take care of the extreme temperatures that can develop in your garage. No matter where in the country a home is located, a garage can develop extreme temperatures that might even be worse than what is going on in a yard. A windowless air conditioner in St. Paul, MN, can address the extreme heat and a non-centralized heating system can take care of the frigid icebox that is your current, non-temperature-controlled garage.

Why does any of this matter, though? Why should we care if our cars sleep in comfy temperatures? Actually, there are several reasons why this matters. Here are 3.

Easier to Maintain Indoor Temperatures

Your walls are not temperature-proof. Insulation does a great deal to address this problem, but nothing works 100%. Just think of how hot your garage gets during the summer. A garage, like a car left out in the sun, can be up to 50 degrees hotter than the surrounding environment! When this heat is sweltering inside of an attached garage, the adjacent walls of your home will absorb this extreme heat, forcing your air conditioning to work that much harder! The same goes for your interior heating system in the winter, which has to fight to keep you alive when winter chills can be deadly in your garage!

May Be Required

Apollo Heating and Air_3 Reasons Why Heating and Cooling Your Garage Is Essential_Image 2Heating and cooling your garage ensures that you are up to code in certain neighborhoods. Certain areas insist that you provide climate control for these spaces, adding comfort to the space and ensuring that this area is not neglected. In fact, you might even have trouble selling your home in the future if the garage is not heated and cooled appropriately.

Space Can Be Upgraded

Okay, so maybe there is nothing in your garage right now except some ignored furniture and your cars. What if you eventually want to do more in this space, though, like finish it? What if your possessions in that space cannot tolerate outdoor temperatures? The walls and ceiling are up; why not take the next appropriate steps to finishing this space by seekingĀ garage cooling and heating equipment? Ignoring the sweltering temperatures or compliance with the housing market might be a sin enough; do not go so far as to forbid the future development of a man or woman cave!