When choosing the type of HVAC in St. Paul that homeowners want to install, they can consider installing a zoning system. A zoning system breaks the home into various zones. Each zone has its own thermostat, so homeowners can determine how hot or how cool that area will be. A zoning system can be a great addition to any home to provide homeowners with the following advantages.


With a zoning system, homeowners have more than one thermostat that controls the whole house. They don’t have to program the entire house to stay at one particular temperature. The basement can be kept a little cooler when it’s not in use, and the homeowner can turn down the thermostat in the family room while the fireplace is going or in the kitchen while cooking. Homeowners have greater flexibility to make their home’s temperature work for them in the various zones of their home.

Energy Efficiency

A zoning system can make your HVAC system more energy efficient. With the zoning system, homeowners can determine rooms that need heat. That way, people don’t have to heat rooms in their homes that no one uses. For example, if they have a guest room that is rarely used, why would they want to waste energy keeping it warm? That zone can be turned off until a guest arrives and needs their room to be warmed for them. This can be a great way to conserve energy, which will end up saving money throughout the year on one’s utility bills.


Your HVAC system can help you stay comfortable in your home. Unfortunately, not everyone is comfortable at a warm 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Some people would prefer their homes to be cooler in order to feel comfortable. With the flexibility of the zoning system, one can make the changes necessary to ensure that everyone has the temperature that makes them feel comfortable. The teenage son can enjoy his 60 degree bedroom while mom and dad enjoy their 72 degree family room.

Extended HVAC Lifespan

When homeowners aren’t blasting their HVAC systems 24/7, it’s going to last longer. With a zoning system, the HVAC will only need to focus on certain parts of your home instead of the entire thing. This way, the HVAC will last a little longer than it would have otherwise. It can be a great investment in your HVAC, since you won’t need to replace it as frequently.

When homeowners come to us to ask about which HVAC in St. Paul they should choose for their homes, we ask them about the size of their homes and their heating and cooling needs. We also ask them about their location and other questions that can help determine the right system for their homes. Some of the factors that would make a zoning system especially beneficial include high ceilings, an above-garage room or apartment, large windows throughout the home, a finished basement, attic living space, a loft, a sunroom, or multiple stories. If your home has one or several of these features, contact us to learn more about installing a zoning system in your home.