Radiant heat provides heating elements spread through a whole floor as opposed to heating vents placed near the walls. Along with your main home, you can install radiant heating at multiple exterior locations on your property.

Check out some of the radiant flooring installation options and the benefits associated with each option.

1. Detached Garages

Provide extra heat and comfort to your whole garage floor with radiant flooring, which is ideal for anyone who spends extended time in the garage. If you’re working on cars, repairing bikes, or doing other mechanical work, getting down on your back or knees could make a huge difference as the heat rises through the floor. Once a garage door closes, the whole area will quickly heat up instead of relying on a single heat source.

Additionally, when cold weather hits, air pressure may go down significantly in your vehicle’s tires and present dangers while you drive. If you park in the garage, the heat will help keep your tire air pressure levels normal.

2. Pool Houses

When getting out of a swimming pool, you may have a slight chill. A pool house with radiant floor heat provides comfort as you dry off and change. And the heated floor can dry up water droplets. Additionally, a towel rack positioned near the floor will help dry towels quicker as the heat rises up through the air.

If your pool house is larger and offers a place to hang out, then you can use the radiant heat even on days where the weather’s not ideal for swimming. You can expand the use of the pool house and turn it into a year-round location.

3. Dog Pens

If your dog has a pen area where they play, roam around, and spend a lot of time, then you can provide some extra comfort for their paws. Changes in temperature can quickly make an impact on surfaces and you can keep your dog comfortable with radiant floor heating installations inside their dog pen.

With custom temperature settings, you can find the ideal temperature to keep your dog comfortable. Some pens may transition from outside to inside, giving you the option of split controls. You may want to heat up the outside of the pen more than the inside. An HVAC technician can help zone the area and give you complete control of the heating elements.

4. Decks

Due to changes in seasons, many people may limit the time spent on their home deck. Separate heating elements like large space heaters only provide a direct heat and are limited in the reach and scope. But a deck with radiant floor heating can add extra warmth across the whole deck.

The heating elements come in handy for different forms of weather as well. You can rely on the deck heating to help dry up rain or melt layers of the snow.

You can also use the heating to add some new routines to your daily life. For example, in the mornings you can use the heating as you enjoy a cup of coffee and some fresh air. The heat eliminates the morning chill and gives you the opportunity to do other tasks like read the newspaper or catch up on social media posts.

And when entertaining guests, everyone can sit in comfort and you can final extra comfort as you grill, serve foods, and use all the deck space.

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