When you’re buying a new home, one of the most important things to ask about is how old the appliances are. After making a huge purchase, the last thing homeowners want to do is replace something like a furnace. For most of us, money does have an end. In cases where a home buyer is lucky enough to inherit a brand new furnace or is able to get an appliance allowance, it is always a good idea to make sure the furnace is properly installed. One of the reasons furnace installation is so expensive is that doing it right is hard. Luckily, we excel at properĀ furnace repair in Minneapolis.

Furnace Size Matters

Of course, the first step in furnace installation is finding the right furnace. After years of experience, we have found that this is a harder task than most people realize. Intuition leads most people to assume that the larger and more powerful the furnace, the better it will heat the home. Unfortunately, however, this is not actually true. The best and most efficient way to heat a home is by purchasing and installing a furnace that is the right size and type for a particular living space. By calling a professional HVAC tech for help, getting this step right is a lot easier.

It’s a Puzzle

Installing a furnace is like doing a puzzle. There are a lot of different hoses and connectors that need to go in the right places. If a contractor comes in, puts the unit in the corner, and pulls out the tools, chances are he or she has already installed it incorrectly. For example, it is extremely important for the technician to determine where the return air duct will connect to the furnace. In most cases, they will have to cut the proper sized hole into the furnace. The last thing in the world a homeowner wants is the tech cutting the wrong-sized hole in the wrong spot on a brand new furnace.

Furnaces Need a Good Foundation

Another thing to watch for is whether the contractor places the unit directly on the floor. If they do, that’s a problem. First and foremost, furnaces should be placed on rubber pads to minimize the noise they make. Then, if they happen to be located in the basement, they should be propped up on blocks or something else that keeps them at least four inches off the floor in case the basement floods. If the furnace is located in the attic, we recommend placing a drain pan beneath the unit in case it leaks. Protecting both the furnace and the home is a huge part of properly installing the unit.

Proper Materials Matter

Finally, once everything is hooked up, it needs to be sealed! Just because everything is tight doesn’t mean it’s ready. Furnaces deal with air and that doesn’t require a whole lot of room to escape. As experienced HVAC techs, we know that there are two things that can properly seal a furnace: metal foil tape or duct sealant. Duct tape is not an acceptable or appropriate choice for sealing the various components of a new furnace.

Proper Installation, Protected Investment

By hiring an experienced and reputable company to install a furnace, homeowners can be sure their investment will not only be protected but will pay for itself within a reasonable amount of time. Don’t let improper installation ruin a perfectly good furnace.