Most people are aware that using a humidifier when suffering from a cold is very beneficial. Touted as the best heating and air conditioning in St. Paul, we know many who benefit from a humidifier, and those who use one every night can vouch that it vastly improves the air quality. However, there a number of benefits that a humidifier offers and does that has surprised us. Here are 4 major benefits that you could be enjoying.

Improves Your Health and Skin

In the winter especially, skin becomes very dry. Cold air takes out the moisture from skin, causing many problems such as dryness, flaking, and even accelerated aging of your skin. By using a humidifier on a daily basis, moisture is put back into the air, thus putting moisture back into the body. A humidifier will help prevent these damaging effects on the skin by providing a new vibrant glow that is usually nonexistent in the winter.

Reduces the Risk of Infections

Studies have shown that raising humidity levels within the home to 43% or higher reduces the risk of airborne illnesses, particularly the flu virus. In a low-humidity environment over 75% of viruses could be transferred by cough, but in a high-humidity environment, the number dropped to 14%. Viruses and bacteria cannot travel very well in moist air.

A humidifier has helped us get over colds faster and helped us breathe easier at night, especially when dealing with congestion. Healing time from colds and viruses increases and suffering is short lived. By investing in a humidifier, the body will remain healthier during the winter months.

Protects Furnishings

Surprisingly, a humidifier can help extend the life of wood furnishings. Dry air is known to damage wood furnishings by causing them to warp, split, crack, and fall apart. This also includes doors and moldings. A humidifier will help extend the life of wood furnishings, which can save money in the future.

Protects Your Voice and Helps You Sleep

We are all aware of the low, hoarse voice that can welcome you every morning. By using a humidifier, we have been able to eliminate a dry, hoarse throat, thus eliminating the growling, bear-like voice that appears each morning. The dry air specifically targets vocal cords, causing a change in the voice when first waking.

Using a humidifier at night can also help you to sleep better if you have a partner who snores. When both spouses have dry throats and sinuses, they tend to have more difficulty sleeping and begin to snore. Using a humidifier may help eliminate snoring and dry, scratchy throats.