There are many reasons why it would be a great idea to have a professional come out and look at your air conditioning unit before the heat wave hits. We want you not to make one of these costly mistakes before the season even starts.

#1 You Might Damage Your Equipment If You Just Turn It On
One of the most expensive mistakes you can make with your air conditioner is if you forget to take off the covering on our outside unit. Many times people just turn on the air conditioner thinking everything will be okay. If you do this while your outside unit is covered there is no way to get air flow into the unit usually this ends in a complete meltdown. We don’t want you to have to replace your unit just because you forgot to do this easy step.

#2 Have Someone Check for Any Issues
When you have a professional come out to do a spring check on your HVAC unit they will make sure that your unit is running properly. They will check it over and let you know any suggestions that they might have or any problems that you may run into during the season.

#3 You Might Forget About Your Filter
People often forget to change the filter on their machines. It is something that you want to check every 1-2 months to see if it is time to change your filter. Changing your filter will allow for better airflow and if done in the right amount of time it will reduce the instances of repairs.

#4 They Can Give You Professional Suggestions
Do you have horrible allergies inside your home? Are you unsure when you should expect to replace your equipment? They will be able to help answer your questions. They will be able to suggest indoor air quality products that could help with your allergies and tell you more about the current equipment in your home.

#5 They Make Sure You Don’t Miss Something
We all live very busy lives especially if you are a parent. This is a great way to just schedule the check up and not worry about it! Our helpful staff will find a time that works for you for someone to come out to your home and make sure you are ready to get the summer started.

If you would like someone to come out to do a spring check-up on your system give Apollo a call at 651-770-0603 or set-up a time online: