There are ways that you can stay warm and cozy in the winter that don’t involve running the heater nonstop day and night. Incorporating these habits in your daily life can go a long way to save money on your heating and cooling services in Minneapolis each month and help you and your family feel more comfortable in your home. Here are 5 tips that our team at Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning has put together to keep you cozy inside while the snow falls outside.

Seal Off Some Rooms

You might have spaces in your home that aren’t being used regularly. One thing you can do to save money on heating your home is to close off these rooms and close the vents in these spaces as well so that you aren’t wasting energy to heat areas that nobody is using.

Rethink Your Sheets

Cotton sheets might be great during the summer when you need more breathable fabric. However, they aren’t doing you any favors during the winter. Swap out those cotton sheets for flannel or fleece and pad the top of your bed with extra blankets. With these changes, you might find that you can turn your heater way down at night and still be extra comfortable.

Look Underfoot

Your body releases a lot of its heat through your feet. Keeping them warm can go a long way for your comfort. Adding area rugs to serve as extra insulation on your floors is a great strategy. Cool air comes up through your floors, resulting in up to 10% of heat loss. Keeping area rugs on your floors can reduce heat loss while improving the looks in your home and keeping your toes cozy too.

Use Exhaust Fans Sparingly

The exhaust fans in your bathroom and your kitchen serve a valid purpose. However, they also make your home less efficient by pulling hot air out of your home and push it to the ceiling and then outside. When you do have to use your fans, do so sparingly and only use them when you need to. Be careful to turn them off immediately after you are done.

Consider Old Fashioned Home Remedies

Don’t forget to think about some of the simple solutions you might have heard from your mom and grandma. Hot water bottles and bags of rice heated up in the microwave can be extremely effective. If you don’t have either on hand, putting your sheets or a fuzzy blanket in the dryer and then wrapping up in it will work too. Saving money on heating and cooling services Minneapolis is an easy thing to do when you incorporate these 5 habits into your daily life.