Furnace maintenance can be scary, especially to new homeowners. However, it’s usually not as tricky as it seems. Keeping a furnace running smoothly is important, and proper maintenance can help make sure nothing goes wrong. Here are 6 tips on furnace maintenance to help new homeowners.

Check the Pilot Light

Checking the pilot light on a furnace is very important, because the pilot light can say a lot about how the furnace is running. The pilot light indicates how gas is burning, and whether the ratio is correct or not. A pilot light should always be blue. A yellow flame, or a flame of any other color, is not good. It can mean there is an over-production of carbon monoxide. Keeping an eye on this pilot light can prevent a lot of dangerous problems.

Schedule Yearly Inspections

Performing small maintenance is important, but yearly inspections can be just as important and also can help avoid major furnace issues. These inspections can catch essential things that the un-trained eye can’t see. Many HVAC companies will offer deals or coupons in the fall to get furnaces ready for winter.

Change Air Filters

Changing furnace air filters can help with the efficiency of a furnace. When the furnace has to work harder to keep air running through the system, it takes a lot more energy and resources. Making sure the air filters are clean is a simple maintenance tip that can lower utility bills and keep the furnace working smoothly.

Keep It Clean

Cleaning a furnace every so often is a great way to avoid expensive problems. Keeping the outside of the furnace free of dust or other debris is important. The blower assembly should also be cleaned. The blower is next to the air filter, and is the second place air goes. Therefore, it can get as dirty as an air filter. Instruction manuals or professionals can help you find where the blower is located, and how exactly to clean it. Typically, a damp cloth will work just fine.

Listen For Noise

Any unusual noise coming from a furnace can be a sign of a problem. Listening to furnace noises can be an easy way to check for problems and to make sure the furnace is working properly. Of course this may not catch all issues, but it can prevent some problems from going unnoticed.

Clean the Vents

Most furnace systems are hooked up to vents. Warm air is forced into different rooms through these vents. Keeping these clean can affect how much effort the furnace has to use to heat a house. Cleaning these vents is pretty simple, and can usually be done by pulling the vent off, and vacuuming out the duct. Keeping these clean can also affect how much dust and pollen is spread through the house.

Furnace maintenance is very important, and new homeowners should make sure they know what to do to keep their furnace running properly. If there are any problems that a homeowner doesn’t feel comfortable fixing, a professional service should be contacted. Companies are available for furnace repair in St Paul and many other cities.