The heating and cooling unit in your home is a very complicated working system that is comprised of several parts needing to working together efficiently. Your local Minneapolis HVAC service provided is qualified to work on this complex system, but you need to understand a few things before you make that call. Here are seven key points to consider before you hire a company to service or repair your furnace.

1. Training Experience
The inherent safety issues that come with working with a HVAC system require technicians have a minimum amount of training experience. Your local HVAC professional should have at least two years on the job training experience. The training is critical so your technician can work efficiently around electrical wiring, combustion, air flow, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

2. Check Your Technicians License
Check your local government website to ensure the company you hire is registered and has all the proper documentation up to date with their licenses. If you can not locate this information, be sure to call the Minneapolis municipal office or the National Contractor License Service so you can check that status.

3. The Three Key Points
When you are interviewing a potential technician to work on your furnace, the three most important factors are that they must be licensed, insured, and bonded. To hold a license, the technician must be bonded and have the appropriate insurance to protect your property.

4. Always Check References
Any competent furnace repair technician will have a list of previous clients that they can provide you as references. In addition to checking this list to see how the technician performed his job, visit any social media website the company utilizes. You can gain valuable insight from how the company interacts with customers on those platforms.

5. Getting Estimates
Just because this technician checks out on all the previous points doesn’t mean they will have the best prices. It is important that you get a minimum of three written estimates for the job from three qualified companies so you can make a better decision.

6. Multiple Brands Carried
Most profession furnace repair technicians work with a limited amount of brands. Be sure to ask the technician which brands they carry in case they do not service the brand that you own. This could limit your search significantly, so make sure you ask this important question.

7. The Payment Schedule
If your repair job is going to be very costly, ask the furnace repair company if they accept a deposit and will allow you a line of credit. The contract may be set up so that you make designated payments over an agreed amount of time to satisfy that bill. Just be sure to read all the fine print before agreeing to any payment plan.