The ductless mini-split system is a unique variation to the traditional HVAC systems in many homes. No longer do you need a huge operating system in the basement or garage that pumps heated or cooled air through a series of duct work inside the home. The ductless mini-split system uses a much smaller system that is installed outside the home, then connected with copper tubing to a wall mounted blower unit inside. The end result provides homeowners a huge variety of benefits compared to the old HVAC systems.

More Energy Efficient

One of the biggest advantages to the ductless mini-split system is you might lose approximately 5% of cooled air compared to a whopping loss of 40% with a system that has ducts. Systems like the Lennox ductless mini-split system have an efficiency of up to 27 SEER, resulting in a significant savings to your utility bill. Many of the Lennox models are also Energy Star rated, providing you the maximum amount of savings year round.

Choosing the Rooms to Treat

If you have a room in the home the family spends the majority of time in, it makes sense to cool or heat that room. The individual zoning of the ductless mini-split system allows you to only treat the room you want and leave certain rooms untreated. Heating and cooling only the rooms that are occupied allows you to use less energy to maintain comfortable temperatures.

The Quiet Operation of the System

The Daikin ductless mini-split system has several different models that are virtually quiet when running. The louder parts of the system are mounted outside the home, whereas the indoor unit only circulates the treated air. The end result is a more peaceful home even when the system is running on high. All the compressor and motors are outside encased in a weather resistant casing where you can hardly hear them running.

No More Duct Work

The traditional HVAC sends the treated air through a series of ducts that must reach each room of the home. The ductless mini-split system needs no duct work because a simple copper tube enters the home by way of a tiny hole connecting the outdoor and indoor unit. The indoor blower circulates the air in the room the wall unit is mounted, and you have the ability to install several wall units if needed. You will be saving money each year when you no longer have to pay for the HVAC technician to do a duct cleaning to remove all those contaminants that get trapped in the network of ducts. The new ductless mini-split system quietly circulates treated air without the need for ducts.

Whether you choose the Daikin ductless mini-split system or one of the Lennox models, you are in control of how much treated air circulates in certain areas of the home. These systems are perfect for homes with two stories, or wherever you want to maintain a certain temperature without treating the entire house. The system is perfect for those families who prefer some rooms cooler than others.