Running the air conditioning in the summer can become expensive, as can running the heater in the dead of winter. Finding tips and tricks to save money during the year on utility bills can be helpful, but there is one easy suggestion that can really impact energy use. Using a programmable thermostat can be helpful for a lot of reasons, but here are two that directly impact utility costs.

Fine Control

Using a programmable thermostat gives better control over the temperature of the house than using older thermostat models. Because programmable thermostats give a digital reading of the temperature in the home, it’s easier to adjust the heat or cooling by a degree or two. This prevents the problem of turning the cooling or heating on, and then forgetting to turn it off, which can cost a lot of money. A programmable thermostat can also prevent issues when it comes to the air conditioning or heating system running in weird cycles, trying to keep up with the demands of the thermostat being cranked up or down. Using a programmable thermostat gives homeowners the ability to change the temperature whenever they want, and the ability to know exactly what the heating or cooling is set to in the home.

Different Settings

One of the best advantages of using a programmable thermostat is being able to use the different settings it comes equipped with. These settings allow homeowners to program different temperatures into the thermostat for different times of day. This allows the temperature to change when no one is at the house, and then heat back up or cool down at a specified time. These different settings can also be used to change the temperature at night or in the afternoon, when some people find the temperatures more uncomfortable. Using these thermostats to control the cooling and heating systems while gone or asleep can save a lot of money.

Using a programmable thermostat can save homeowners a lot of money in the long run. This is because they are able to control the temperature of the home in small increments, and because of the settings they come with. These settings allow for the temperature to change when no one is home to need heat or cooling, or when everyone is asleep. If there is a problem with a system, or help is wanted installing a programmable thermostat, there are professionals for heating and cooling in Minneapolis who can help.