Consumers love products which are multi-purpose. HVAC can be termed as the all-arounder in the field of Energy Centre. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. HVAC air conditioning incorporates the three most valued functions into one system. It is a technology, which caters to environmental comfort. This innovative technology has its roots in the complex field of mechanical engineering. It is widely used in skyscrapers and office environments. Other places which make use of fresh outdoor air to regulate temperature, heat and humidity, also use the HVAC technology extensively.

Industrial Revolution presented the world with path breaking technological inventions. HVAC air conditioning was one of those technologies which proved very productive for both manufacturers as well as the consumers. Companies all over the world are trying to explore the principles of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics to constantly modify their product range to meet the demands. They have successfully managed to integrate the core functions of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Efforts are being made to incorporate the air dryer as well. Majority of the products function on the basis of maintaining pressure and air distribution.

The HVAC systems work well for the house environment as well. It allows the air to flow through the ducts, so that it is distributed in every nook and corner of the house. This system is the best way to cool the entire premises of your home. Traditionally these systems use to consume a lot of energy, sending your electricity bill in the overdrive mode. Recent developments have curbed down the energy usage, in turn reducing the load on the electricity bill. By providing everything in one product, this technology reduces overall energy consumption. It is also the most silent way to cool your room as the product emits negligible sound.

HVAC technology has two types of systems. A split system and a packaged system. In a split system, the condenser unit is placed inside the house whereas in the packaged system the condenser unit as well as the evaporator coil is placed outside. Air dryer is a device, which removes the water vapor from the condensed air. This is not available with the unit, thus needs to be purchased separately if required. Before purchasing the system, make sure whether it is the right option for you. One major factor to be taken into consideration is, whether you want the system for industrial purposes or household purposes. Although majority of the systems possess similar features, check their energy consumption and sound levels before purchasing.

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