Our number one goal is to make sure that your heating and cooling system functions properly so that you can enjoy comfortable temperatures in your home during every season. When the temperatures start to rise in the spring and summer months, air conditioning in St. Paul, MN, is a must! There are several reasons your home might not be cooling adequately.

Window and Doors

Old windows and doors can let air drafts in if they are not properly sealed around the edges. Also, single pane windows transfer hot and cold temperatures easily, which results in outside temperatures coming in and inside temperatures going out. A quick visual inspection can usually diagnose this problem.

Poor Insulation

Your home may have trouble keeping cool air inside if the walls and attic space are poorly insulated, or have no insulation at all. Good insulation can dramatically increase your home’s efficiency when it comes to keeping a comfortable inside temperature.

Blocked Vents

Check to make sure all your vents are open and that no furniture or other items are blocking the air flow into the room. Restricted airflow will not only keep a room from cooling properly, but it can be damaging to the cooling system.

Leak in Ductwork

Sometimes the ductwork is tucked into the walls, floors, and ceilings of our homes, so we may need to do some investigative work to see if there are any cracks or leaks in the ductwork allowing cool air to escape.

Old Filter

How long has it been since you changed your HVAC filter? Filters need to be switched out or cleaned every 30 to 60 days in order for your system to function at optimal levels.

Broken Unit

If all of the above are fine, then it could be that your entire unit needs a tune-up, repair, or replacement. A professional HVAC technician can run tests to find the source of the problem and recommend the best possible solutions.