The air conditioning system in your home will be running for several months during the year to keep the temperatures in the home comfortable. It is during the winter months when the system is sitting idle that most of the problems occur. The long winters in Minneapolis like we experienced recently can extend the cooler months, causing the cooling system to sit even longer. Once the heat arrives, the unit is expected to be ready to operate at full power for weeks and months at a time. Hiring a professional air conditioning repair technician in Minneapolis is your best way to ensure the entire system will be up and running when you need it. Here are a few benefits to calling us when looking for an air conditioner repairman in Minneapolis.

1. The Maintenance Plan
By purchasing a maintenance contract from Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning, you are assured that your system will be ready when the hot weather arrives. Our technicians do a maintenance check usually in the spring, so there is less likelihood they are too busy to get around to servicing your system. Come summer the unit will be tuned up and ready to go.

2. Saving You Money
A more efficient running system means it requires less energy to cool your home. That reduction in power equates to a huge savings in your utility bill. Additionally, less wear on the overall system means parts wear out less frequently, requiring fewer repairs over time.

3. Spotting Trouble Early
When you have your local air conditioning repair company doing routine maintenance checks throughout the year, they can easily spot a potential problem long before it becomes one. Apollo’s trained professionals can spot issues with expensive parts of the cooling system that will require minimal repair when spotted early enough. Without that maintenance check the parts could break down in the middle of a heat wave, costing you money and the pain of being without a cooling system when the temperatures outside reach dangerous levels.

4. The Filter Check
Cleaning and replacing filters are a key part to keeping the overall cooling system running efficiently. When allergens and dust get into the cooling system, they travel through the duct work and into every room of the house. The end result is your home is much dirtier, and family members who suffer from allergies can never find any relief. One of the other benefits or using our company is that we check all the filters this alone can help save on duct work cleaning or reduced the cost significantly overtime.

5. Energy Efficient System
At Apollo we works hand in hand with some of the top Energy Star rated manufacturers. These companies build systems designed to run less while producing the same amount of cooling. Our service technician can make recommendations on a new cooling system and thermostat that could save you considerable money in utility bills each year. If your system is beyond repair, allow one or our specialist to show you some of the new models they could install for you.

The key to extending the life of your current cooling system is having a professional regularly do maintenance checks on it. This way when you need to cool the home you can be assured the system will respond properly.