If you need a new boiler or central heating system, it may be a good idea to consider having a combination (or combi) style boiler installed in your home. The combination boiler is a simple and reliable type of boiler which has managed to shake off its image as an unreliable relic of the 1960’s. Technological advances have brought the piece so triumphantly into the 2010’s that combi boilers now make up a significantly large proportion of all new boiler installations in the United Kingdom and across Europe. There are a large number of noteworthy benefits associated with choosing a combination style boiler over the other types of boiler system which are available on the market, and you should consider all these advantages when you are choosing a new type of boiler.

A combi boiler is a type of tank-less water heater that is able to heat water almost instantaneously as it flows through the device, so there is no need to heat and store an entire, large tank full of water. The fact that these systems do not require a tank full of pre-heated water to be stored next to them means that they are able to produce an unlimited, continuous flow of hot water, which should not fluctuate in temperature. This can be very beneficial for larger families who often find that one tank of hot water heated by a regular boiler will not provide enough hot water for the entire family to have showers or to all bathe one after the other. Whilst a normal boiler with a tank can also be inefficient as the stored hot water can become colder over time and may need to be reheated again and again, an instantaneous water heater will only have to heat the water once to get water to the required temperature, and this water will be used then and there.

Another one of the main benefits of a combi boiler over all other types of boiler, is that they will keep your hot water supply at a regulated temperature at the same time as feeding heat into the central heating system used to heat your home, so they are an incredibly energy efficient product. This can help people to save money on their electricity bills, as well as being more environmentally friendly.

The fact that this type of boiler can do both of these tasks also means that they save a lot of space on having to have two separate, individual systems installed and also that this type of boiler system usually eliminates the need for large storage cisterns, because they do not need to store warmed water. This means that these boiler systems are particularly well suited to smaller flats and homes, where a lack of space may be an issue.

So if you are looking for a space saving, energy-efficient, low cost alternative when you need to replace your existing hot water or central heating system, choosing a combi boiler may be the right choice for you.

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