Over the course of human history, the human race have used a lot of different methods to heat their homes, from simple individual, wood fires in each room, to vast Roman under-floor heating systems, which required a team of servants to constantly stoke huge furnaces to heat the man-made caverns under the sumptuous ancient houses and royal palaces of the Roman Empire. In the present day, however, most people are looking for something that is a little less lavish than Roman hypocausts, and a little cleaner and safer than a wood-burning fire in every room. Nonetheless, the basic requirements are still the same, and people still want something which can heat their home through the long cold nights, the winter months and even something which can offer a little warmth on a chilly summer evening. Gas central heating may be the perfect solution for heating a modern home, and offers a system which is cheap to run, easy to use, and is energy efficient.

A good gas central heating system will allow you to install heating units in as many rooms of your house as you choose, which can be used as a whole unit to keep your entire home at a constant temperature, or they can be made to operate individually so that energy is not being wasted on heating a room which is not being used. Many systems include timers which will allow the heating to be switched on automatically at a pre-determined time, so that the individual units can begin to heat a room shortly before it is due to be used, or to begin heating certain rooms just before the household is due to get up for the day. This can help to save a lot of energy which would otherwise be wasted on heating unused rooms for the entire day, or it can help to save the household from the discomfort of having to sit in a cold room whilst they are waiting for it to heat up after having to manually switch the heating on.

One of the other benefits of a gas central heating system is that it does not require a lot of attention, so each heating unit does not have to be constantly monitored whilst it is in use to ensure that it remains safe. Although it is advisable to have periodic safety checks on all heating systems, these are often included in the price of the central heating unit. Although individual log fires can provide a beautiful focal point of a room, they must be attended to constantly, and they can be very dangerous if they are left unattended and spark and embers are able to spit form the fire, which could cause bigger fires.

Once they have heated up, gas central heating systems also produce a constant heat temperature until they are switched off and begin to cool down, whereas the heat from some other types of heating system, such as wood fires, can fluctuate a lot and may flare up and die down over the course of an evening.

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