Not only are we what we eat, but we are what we breathe too, thus there is a need for quality air in the office as well as the home. We spend a large part of our waking hours in the office; therefore, a great deal of what we are is from the air we breathe in there.

Employees’ morale and productivity can be affected by poor air quality and sick days are more frequent as well. When you come to work and the office area smells stagnant and stale, as if the air is just sitting there hovering, chances are your staff won’t be feeling in a productive mood.

As more and more staff show up in the office, the atmosphere starts heating up and becomes thicker and thicker with body-odor and stale breath, making for very unhealthy working conditions.

Chances are that the typical ceiling tiles are old and dirty, as will be the air conditioner filter. All these factors just add to the reasoning why you should have a heat pump installed in the office.

Here are 5 more reasons to get you thinking:

Air Flow and Ventilation: Most offices are located in buildings that are closed-off edifices with non-opening windows. There may be several doors to go through to get to your desired location, and those multiple doors do not allow the air-flow which is needed to keep the air from becoming stagnant and stale; not to mention that this makes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

Air Conditioning: When you notice several members of your staff have fans at their desks, this should indicate that the air conditioning isn’t working properly. Those fans are simply circulating stale air, which everyone is breathing over and over again. So if somebody is sick, everyone is breathing in the same air as them, spreading their germs out there for everyone to catch.

A clean air-flow must be introduced into the office so that the old air can be pulled out and filtered. A good quality heat pump will do just that, both in the summer and winter months. A heat pump actually moves stale air out of the office, filters it and blows in clean air, giving you the same effect as having a window open with a breeze coming in.

Maintenance: A quality heat pump will require less maintenance than the old style of central air and heating systems. They are rated as one of the most economical heating and cooling methods, and so use less power which keeps utility costs to a minimum. They also have less of a buildup of dirt, dust and germs that create mold.

Humidity: When the office air is too damp, it is an unhealthy environment for you and your employees. There is a risk of mold buildup inside the air vents creating a breeding ground for germs and disease, but when the air is too dry, it can be uncomfortable too.

You could use dehumidifiers or humidifiers, but installing a quality heat pump can do the work of both all year-round very economically. In the long run, this is a real money saver.

Greenery: Plants keep the air fresh in the office and when the air inside the office isn’t healthy, they aren’t either. They need watering too much, they look dead and dead plants just don’t present the look you want your office to have, especially if you have clients coming in.

To get the best production from your staff, a quality heat pump can work wonders. The initial outlay for the heat pumps will be returned in a very short time with lower utility bills, less sick days and more productivity from the staff!

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