A good night’s sleep will allow you to wake up fresh, alert, and ready to face your day. However, you might not get adequate and quality sleep if you don’t maintain your optimal sleeping temperature throughout the night. Below are some tips to help you maintain your ideal sleeping temperature at night.

Program the Thermostat

Many people prefer slightly lower temperatures when they go to bed. However, you might forget to adjust the thermostat every time you go to sleep or wake up. A programmable thermostat allows you to set your preferred temperatures for different times of the day.

With such a thermostat, you set your sleep temperatures to take effect when you go to bed and a different temperature when you wake up. Ideally, set your daytime temperature to take effect shortly before waking up. That way, your bedroom will be adequately warm by the time you wake up.

Use Additional Temperature Sensors

The thermostat reads the ambient temperature and uses it to control the furnace. Thus, the thermostat’s temperature control might not be as precise as you may wish if the temperature around the thermostat is not the same as your bedroom temperature.

Some thermostats allow you to connect additional temperature sensors to the same thermostat. You place the sensors in different house parts, including the bedroom, for a more accurate temperature reading. You can even instruct the thermostat to use the sensor in your bedroom for more accurate temperature control.

Install Zoned Heating

Zoned heating breaks your house into different zones with independent heating. Unlike additional temperature sensors, zoned heating uses individual thermostats in each zone. Zoned heating is especially useful for households with different sleeping times.

For example, you can lower the bedroom temperature without affecting the temperatures in different sections of the house. That way, you can get your sleeping temperature right and allow other household members to enjoy their preferred temperature in the living room.

Encourage Air Circulation

A stuffy room may feel uncomfortable, so encourage air circulation in your bedroom. Efficient air circulation will also encourage even temperatures in the bedroom. Discover a few tips to encourage efficient air circulation:

  • Ensure all the bedroom’s registers or vents are open so stale air can flow out of the room and fresh air can flow in.
  • Use a ceiling fan to keep the air flowing in your bedroom.

A clean air filter also ensures the furnace doesn’t struggle to circulate air in the house.

Maintain the Heating System

Furnace maintenance is necessary for optimal temperature control in all rooms, including the bedroom. The basic maintenance tips to observe include the following:

  • Change the air filter regularly to allow restricted airflow.
  • Keep the heating system clean since debris can block airflow.
  • Ensure the exhaust pipe is clear.
  • Keep the drainage tube clear.

You can handle some maintenance issues yourself. However, regular professional maintenance or tune-ups are also necessary.

Prepare the Bedroom

Apart from your heating system, your bedroom’s status also plays a role in your sleeping temperature and comfort. Use these tips to prepare your bedroom for maximum sleeping comfort:

  • Invest in cool pillows and blankets to help with body temperature control.
  • Ensure your bedroom windows have adequate insulation.
  • Open the blinds during the day and close them during at night.
  • Insulate the floor with a thick rug.

These measures ensure that the materials in your room don’t interfere with the furnace’s comfortable temperate.

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