Taking the time to do some preventative maintenance on your A/C system today will ensure that it runs more efficiently when summer gets here. Once the heat of summer arrives, your cooling system is going to be running day and night to keep the interior temperature of the house comfortable. Here are some tips on getting your A/C system ready for summer so that it makes it through the hottest season of the year more effectively.

1. Inspecting Outdoor Unit
The outside air conditioning unit is the first place you should start when preparing your cooling system for the long summer months ahead. Start by removing any weeds or grass that has grown up and into the unit, blocking the airflow into the fan. If your unit was not covered this winter, look inside to see if any debris like twigs, stick, trash, or paper is trapped inside the fan area. Be sure the power is off before you attempt to clear the fan of obstructions.

2. Check and Replace the Air Filter
The air filter should be checked and replaced each month, to stop unwanted pollen and dust from entering inside your house. Hair and pet dander can also clog a filter easily, making it a real challenge for cool air to flow into your home. The more contaminants in your air filter, the harder the system has to work to push air through. This will cause the parts to wear more easily and cause your cooling bills to increase. Replacing the filter is the easiest way to remedy this problem.

3. Check the Condenser and Belts
Open the front panel on your air handler once the power is safely off, take a close look at the fan belts. They should not be loose are appear cracked in any way. If you notice an abundance of dust and dirt inside the system, vacuum the location and be especially careful not to damage any of the sensitive components that make up the cooling system. Use the brush attachment on your vacuum to remove an accumulation of dust inside the unit and keep it running cleaner this summer season.

4. Calling in the Professionals
One of the best ways to ensure that your cooling system is ready for the long summer season call in your local cooling repair technician for a preventative maintenance check in the spring. Having the cooling system tuned-up by a professional will ensure that all the moving parts are running efficiently when the heat arrives. The better the system is prepared to run, the less your utility and repair costs will be, making this one of the wisest investments you could make preseason.

Your licensed A/C repair technician will be able to unclog the system, repair minor damage, clean interior compartments, and lubricate all moving parts for you in one service call. The biggest advantage of calling in the experts now is they can use their experience to locate small issues and correct them long before they become summer cooling emergencies. The cost of this annual investment is minor compared to being without cool air in the middle of a summer heat wave.