The home heating system is considered one of the largest investments that ensures the family’s comfort. When choosing one, several factors need to be considered including the climate of the area you reside in, the local utility costs, your budget and age of the home. The systems today are more reliable and efficient than ever before. Nevertheless, heating is considered a major expense in many homes. People residing in areas that experience severe and more frequent cold weathers often spend up to 2/3 of their energy costs on heating. Other factors to consider when choosing one include:

Energy source or fuel type

The heating system is normally run by gas or oil. Natural gas is usually the most popular heating fuel. However, in regions where gas is not readily available, homeowners heat their system using LP gas or propane. Another option is the electric heat pumps. Fuel oil is also used in some parts of the country. Before choosing the energy source, it is advisable to consider the fuel type that is readily available and its relative cost.

Distribution system

Many of the residential systems utilize either circulating hot water or forced air to distribute heat in the home. The forced air heating system is particularly common. The heat is normally distributed through the air ducts as well as the registers. The hydronic systems or hot water systems use boilers to heat water that is circulated through the plastic or copper piping. Some of the heating systems circulate hot water via pipes enclosed at the floor slab. Hence, they radiate heat throughout the room.

Overall costs

When considering the costs it is advisable to consider the initial costs as well as the long term costs of maintaining and running the system. A professional heating contractor will be in a position to provide the estimates of a typical cost of maintenance.

Many of the homes have the home heating system as the largest single component that uses home energy. The systems have a significant bearing on comfort and the overall energy costs. In case your system is more than 20 years old, it is highly likely that you are spending a substantial amount of money to keep the system running – resources that are better spent on a more efficient system. In case you are purchasing a new home, it is advisable to purchase a home with a well-designed and efficient heating system.

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