A windowless air conditioner is unlike the two traditional systems you are used to seeing. The first air conditioning system is the window mounted units that simply hang in any window and plug into an electrical outlet. The next type is the central air unit that in a centralized system pumping cool air through vents into each room. The windowless air conditioner does not get placed in a window because it is self contained and can be placed on the floor in any room.

Ease of Installation
The windowless air conditioner is extremely easy to install. You simply plug it into any electrical outlet in the room and turn it on. Some models have wheels on them so they can be rolled around the room and out of the way. One of the benefits of this type of system is it works to cool a single room that might not be getting adequate cooling from a main system. The windowless air conditioner is also very effective at removing smoke from a room.

Less Obtrusive System
When you have a window air conditioning unit hanging from a window, it can be a real eye sore. The windowless air conditioner is completely unobtrusive in that no one will know you even have one running. The only thing that needs to go out the window is the small tube that draws in air. Other than that the unit will sit in the corner of any room and quickly cool it down. Every home has that one room that is always hotter than the rest. Your central air system could be running overdrive just to keep that room cool. The windowless air conditioner will quickly bring down the temperature of that room so the other unit can run less hard.

Removing Home Odors
If you have several pets or someone in the home that smokes, the windowless air conditioner is also very effective at removing odors. The single hose windowless air conditioner will draw air continuously from outside and eliminate any odors in that area of the home. When the unit is running the air pressure for that particular area is less than the rest of the house. This will help to contain odors in certain areas of the house.

The windowless air conditioner is a cost effective alternative to buying a large window unit. It can easily be moved to different rooms in the house by simply plugging it into a new outlet.