You have an HVAC system in your home to maintain a comfortable temperature for everyone. However, you may not have considered the humidity of the air in your home. Regardless of the humidity outside, a humidifier added to the HVAC system in your home has many benefits. The following information will help you understand why a humidifier is a good investment for your home, no matter where you live.

Protect Your House and Belongings

Dry air in the house causes wood to dry and become brittle. This includes the wood that was used in the building of the house as well as any wood furniture or other possessions. You may notice cracks in the cabinetry or wood floors because the dry air basically sucks the natural moisture out of the wood.

Too much humidity is just as bad as too little humidity. Mold and mildew tend to grow in moist areas, including in the walls of your home, when the humidity is too high. In addition, fabrics and woods rot when there is too much moisture in them.

Improve the Health of Your Family and Visitors

If the air inside your house is too dry, your skin and nasal passages will suffer. While this may not seem to be a health concern, once the skin cracks it can become infected. Dry nasal passages are painful and often result in a bloody nose.

When too much moisture is in the air, allergies tend to flare up more often. Asthma is adversely affected by high humidity. In addition, people with arthritis or joint pain experience more pain when in humid areas. Finally, if mold or mildew have taken hold in the house it can lead to serious health conditions.

Save Money in Many Ways

When the air is kept at the proper humidity, your home and furnishings require less maintenance. Less maintenance means less money spent on supplies and professionals. In addition, because your family stays healthier, less money will be spent on over-the-counter medications.

However, the most money will be saved on your energy bills. In the winter, when the heater is being used, the humidifier adds moisture to the air. Moist air retains heat better and is warmer than dry air. The house remains warm and comfortable at a lower thermostat setting when the humidity is right.

Use a Humidifier All Year-Round

Many people think it is not necessary to have a humidifier in the summer when the weather is already hot and muggy outside. The truth is that an air conditioner removes moisture from the air and causes the air to be dry inside your house. To counter this, a cool-mist humidifier is used to add moisture back to the air. Set the humidifier to ensure it does not add too much moisture to the air.

Regardless of what type of heater and fuel you use to warm your home in the winter, the heat dries out the air. All the problems associated with dry air increase when you turn on the heating system for your home. The moisture added to the air with a humidifier is the best way to counter the problems. A whole-house humidifier keeps the entire house comfortable.

If you have any questions or concerns about adding a humidifier to your HVAC system, call Apollo Heating & Air. We will meet with you at your home to go over your current system and energy bills. Together we will come up with the best solution for keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, and we’ll help you keep a humidity level that provides the benefits you have just learned about.